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Pricing & Timing


*All Services, Pricing & Timing changes go into effect 1/1/23

Gray Coverage

Root Touch-Up

1 hr 45 min - $120*

Keeping that gray covered is what I do best! With every visit you will leave the salon with your roots colored after you have enjoyed a shampoo with relaxing scalp massage, a haircut or trim, and a finished style.

Roots Plus

1 hr 45 min - $130*

It's even more fun to add dimension when we cover that gray! Roots Plus involves a Root Touch-Up plus a few strategically placed foils.

*Additional charges may apply for extra application time, product, and/or extra styling time.


Touch of Blonde

1 hr 45 min - $120*

A few strategically placed pieces of face framing lightness is an easy way to add just a touch of brightness to your existing color or refresh highlights around the face between Blonding Retouch appointments. Also a good idea if you just want to dabble with some blonde.

Blonding Retouch

2 hr 30 min - $150*

Detailed foiling placed throughout whole head 1-2 inches from roots when you wish to maintain the look of natural blonde down to the scalp.

Blonde Ambition

3 hr+ - $180*

Whatever it takes to get you as blonde as you want to be, one session at a time. A detailed consultation will outline the details of your goals combined with the services and pricing necessary to get there. 

Designed for you if you are not blonde but would like to be OR you haven't had a blonding service in 4+ months.

Please note: This service is only available at 2:00 on available dates. That ensures you are my last appointment of the day because perfect blonding can't be rushed!

*Additional charges may apply for extra long and/or thick hair, extra application time and for toning.


Complete Haircut Experience

45 min - $55*

All cut services include a relaxing shampoo, appropriate conditioning, cut and finished style.


Men's Cuts

30 min - $45

Men's cuts are only offered to existing male clients. 

*Dramatic style changes, extra long and/or thick hair may require additional time and charges.  When booking, please email me if you're needing more than minor adjustments or attention to minor issues.

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